Dear Valued Customer,

In the complicated situation of the Covid epidemic – 19, in order to ensure the safety for yourself and your relatives, AEON MALL Long Bien hopes all customers can follow recommendations:

  1. Calming down and updating information from mainstream sources
  2. Comply with disease prevention measures of the Ministry of Health
  3. Peace of mind and trust in the functional agencies and specialities of Vietnamese physicians and doctors
  4. Thinking and acting logically, alert before any developments.

Currently, AEON MALL Long Bien and AEON Department Stores & General Stores are still making efforts to ensure a stable supply of products for customers. Therefore, customers do not need to worry too much about buying stock with a large amount.

To ensure safety, we hope all customers visiting the shopping mall will wear facemasks and use disinfectant water that has been set at all entrances of AEON MALL Long Bien.

We wish customers peace of mind to be healthy every day.

Thank you and best regards,

Phòng chống dịch bện Covid-19 cùng AEON MALL Long Biên 2