AEON MALL Long Bien raises the awareness of safe vegetables for young generation

AEON MALL Long Bien is honored to accompany with the drawing festival organized by Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Education and Training, and The Japan International Cooperation Agency to exhibit the winning pictures from the contest “Safe vegetable for a brighter future”.

This is a part of the project “Improving reliability in safe crop production in the North”. The purpose of the contest is to engage students in thinking about safe vegetables through paintings. The safe vegetables pictures exhibition is a meaningful event which creates an interesting contest and opens chances for children to understand more about this topic.

Started since August, the contest attracts more than 2000 students with 400 pictures have been drawn. In the final round, the judge has chosen 30 best pictures that delivered the true message of safe vegetables. And all of these masterpieces are being exhibited at West court of AEON MALL Long Bien from 26th to 31st December 2017.

Vegetables have a strong impact in daily life. Safe vegetables not only affect people’s health but also affect our descendants. For that reason, growing high quality vegetables has become a priority in the goals of agriculture development.