The coin accumulation feature has become a familiar feature for shopping lovers because of great benefits: Becoming a “close customer”, enjoying the benefits of VVIP, already cheaper and cheaper,… If you don’t know this feature yet, try it now at:
➖ App Store:
➖ Google Play:

How to use the feature is extremely simple:
👉 Step 1: Download the AEONMALL Vietnam app
👉 Step 2: Choose to scan the code "MEMBER CARD" to pay on the app
👉 Step 3: For every 10,000 VND, customers will get 1 coin.
💥 The more you buy, the more chance you have of accumulating coins to redeem super super attractive vouchers or gifts. More specifically, in April, AEON MALL Long Bien officially launched the ACCUMULATED COIN - EXCHANGE GIFT program to create a "fantastic" shopping experience for shopaholics.
Specifically, you will receive one of gifts

With 300 coins when successfully accumulating points:
- Voucher "national milk tea" Tocotoco 30,000 VND
- Yoko orange extractor
- Kari ice cream mold from safe plastic from Inochi

With 500 coins when successfully accumulating points:
- Voucher for book lovers from Fahasa
- Hokkaido square/round/rectangular food box from Japanese standard from Inochi

With 1000 when the coin accumulates successfully:
- Kita Fami water bottle
- Set of 3 square/round/rectangular food boxes from Inochi

*Note: for each coin level, customers will be able to choose one of 3 gifts corresponding to that coin level.
*Program apply from April 15, 2022

Remember to immediately apply the feature of accumulating coins and exchanging super awesome gifts on AEONMALL Vietnam at AEON MALL Long Bien